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Soul From The Heart Of Sweden

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Soul From The Heart Of Sweden

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Karolina Karner

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, and raised in Orsa, in the Dalarna countryside, Karolina decided at the age of 4 that she was going to work as a singer when she grew up. Her dream became reality and today Karolina is a frequently hired vocalist with numerous ongoing projects.
Although singing most of her life, she did her first public performance after being encouraged by her high school music teacher. Armed with confidence, she entered talent competitions in Sweden and Finland with her own original songs.

At the age 17, she started a cover band with friends which performed at over 200 gigs across the country.

In 2005, Karolina moved to Los Angeles to study vocals at the Los Angeles Music College (LACM).
Her mentors became the main source for inspiration and under the tutelage of Kevyn Lettau, Lauren Flahive, Sharon Perri, Dee Booker and Dave Pozzi, she was granted a full scholarship.

Upon graduating in 2008, she remained at the faculty and started working at the LACM Graduate program as well as a backup and lead vocalist in the Los Angeles Area.

Karolina now lives in Sweden where she works as a songwriter, producer, backup and lead singer.
Her work includes producing shows, concerts and events, voice-overs and numerous recordings.

She is the lead singer and co- founder of the event and partyband Four on the Floor and she is also one of the voices in the duo Karner Perrelli Vocals.

Karolina works at Sigtuna Kulturskola and Musikhuset teaching vocals. She is also teaching private lessons through her company, Karner Vocal Productions.
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The Voice

Listen on SoundCloud and Spotify

Collaborations & Friends

Karolina has been part of projects and worked alongside musicians such as:
Gladys del Pilar
Kalle Moraeus, Allsång med Kalle
Joacim Cans
Populärmusik från Fäboden
Jesus Christ Superstar, Örebro
LAMA Experience Tour
Stiko Per Larsson
Hanna Turi
Dotty Blue
Bill Gobenson
Teresa Perrelli
Four on the Floor
Sounds like Moving
Brian Hobbs
Krakel Spektakel, SF Produktion
Mats Öberg
Derek Conyer

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